Have Flip-Pal, Will Travel

As I approach the spring gathering of my local genealogy group, I am once again excited to take along my handy dandy Flip-Pal mobile scanner. When I had it with me last year, one friend was so impressed with its size and functionality that she told me she purchased one shortly thereafter. I recently was able to put it to use when my aunt received some pictures from someone else, and I wanted copies. I hated to take the pictures home with me, which would take them out of my aunt’s hands for at least a week. Instead, I just brought my Flip-Pal with me the next time I visited. My aunt couldn’t believe that the little machine was actually doing anything!

I love when someone has a new gadget I can see and experience firsthand, and I am excited to be able to do the same for others with my Flip-Pal. So here’s to hoping some folks bring some great photos and documents to the gathering this weekend so I can put my Flip-Pal to work!

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3 thoughts on “Have Flip-Pal, Will Travel

  1. Hmm, nice tip. I have 2 small, lightweight scanners, one for smaller pictures and one that will do larger ones and documents, but of course one small lightweight gadget is better than two… :)

  2. I love the flip pal. Just bought it, still playing with it. I am having difficulty with the stitch application any suggestions

    1. Hi, Faye. Thanks for your comment. If you’re scanning a photo or document that is larger than 4×6, I find it helpful to place it on a brightly colored background (as long as it doesn’t match the border color of the photo or document). This helps the white gridlines on the scanner to stand out more so that you can better see how you’re positioning the scanner on the photo to avoid getting crooked scans when you’re doing the overlapping scans in order to stitch.

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